Music, Landscape, Life.



"Anthony's photography began grounded in people and the live art scene where he had a natural skill of capturing that magic moment when people reveal themselves, when the veil slips. However not content to stay in this dynamic space, he chose to grow as an artist. Now he observes landscapes capturing an important stillness one could easily miss which shows a willingness to communicate with the viewer and change how we perceive the world. This makes him a poet with a lens" - Stephen James Smith

"...did a brilliant job, made sure I was happy at every juncture, and gave me an amazing end product that I am proud to have representing my music school." - Susan Callaghan, Director, Lucan School of Music

"When it comes to catching the performance moment, there are few as good as Anthony, He seems to magically catch those sublime moments of connection. Almost effortlessly. " - Affinití

"I need to work with dedicated creative individuals to get the best out of our live shoots AK photography have proven to be the perfect creative partner for us" - The purple sessions

"Anthony is a genius with the lens and best of all, one of the nicest guys in the business..." - The Echoes

"It would seem that, these days, anyone with an iPhone considers him or herself a professional snapper, but it takes a sharp eye to capture the energy of a live performance, or the personality of the artist, in a single photo-frame. Anthony's love for music and his passion for visual art, along with his dedication to detail and tireless hunt for that perfect moment, mean that he shines out from the crowd. Be it from the pavement of a graveyard or aboard a scooter at speed, he lent his creative mind and learned skill to blend with our vision to invent the brand and atmosphere required. His photos have since been used by International publications to promote my music, and I look forward to the opportunity to working with him again" - Ray Heffernan

"We worked with Anthony for our album launch and were delighted with the pictures he took for us. He really captured the atmosphere of the night in its entirity" - Crow Black Chicken

"The shots that AK Photography took in association with '2 U I Bestow' blog at Helium Festival 2013 were outstanding. They really captured the mood and the whole vibe of our boutique festival. They were a pleasure to work with and they also made a very nice contribution to our charity 'Ataxia Ireland' for which we were very grateful. We would highly recommend them for any festival shots" - Helium Festival